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I. Introduction of postdoctoral working station
The postdoctoral working station was established in November 2010 with support of Department of Human Resource and Social Security of Henan Province and Bureau of Human Resource and Social Security of High & New Technology Industries Development Zone of Zhengzhou.
Sino-crystal combines industry, academy and research closely with management on the postdoctoral working station. The working station plays an important role in the construction of high-tech professions as well as the improvement of independent innovation ability. It also contributes to cultivating the young researchers.
Innovation is the indispensable element during the development of Sino-crystal; it is also the motivation and source of growth of the postdoctoral working station. For higher efficiency, the company integrated closely the working station with departments of production, organization and R&D, and built a comprehensive cooperation mode among different departments. Specific rules for research project, human resource, expenses and welfare are set.
Strict management system is constructed by three steps of postdoctor employment, assessment and accreditation. For the employment, the working station strictly selects and chooses the best, and investigates the employees from aspects. After one year’s work, the station assesses the postdoctor’s working progress and strengthens communication between experts and postdoctors and guarantees their research work.
Training is held for the managers and assistants in the working station for the exertion of the system. The postdoctors are also offered assistants which contribute to cultivate the future technical professions.
Sino-crystal has formulated scientific and stable management system for the assessment of work, research projects, working procedures and expenses. The comprehensive system and rules is the basis for the development of the working station.
By now, there is one postdoctor in the working station. The company will employ 2-3 postdoctor in 2014. The research fund is established to guarantee the postdoctor’s research project
II. Introduction of postdoctor in Sino-crystal
1. Resume of Liang Baoyan
Sep 1999-July 2003:
School of Materials Science and Engineering of Changchun University of Technology. Major: materials processing; undergraduate
Sep 2003-April 2006:
School of Materials Science and Engineering of Changchun University of Technology. Major: materials processing; postgraduate
Sep 2007 until now:
School of Materials Science and Engineering of Yanshan University. Major: material science; doctor. The supervisor is researcher Wang Mingzhi.
November 2010-December 2011:
Work in Zhongyuan University of Technology
December 2011 until now:
Zhengzhou Sino-Crystal Diamond Co., Ltd., postdoctoral working station
Research: abrasives of superhard materials; direction: abrasives of superhard materials by self-spread sintering
2. Published papers during the working station:
No. Title Journal Submission time
1 Preparation of Diamond Compound Materials by Compound Al-binder Hot Working Technology March 2013
2 Diamond Compound Materials with Cu/TiC Binder by Reaction Sintering Hot Working Technology February 2014
3 Diamond Compound Materials with Ti-Al-C Binder by Self-spread Sintering Diamond & Abrasive Engineering December 2013
3. Achievements during the working station:
Liang Baoyan has done much practical work in the company and communicated greatly with other workers, contributed to the improvement of production, technique facility and professions’ knowledge.
In 2013, Liang Baoyan utilized self-spread sintering technique to prepare diamond/c-BN compound materials with Ti-Al-C binder and investigated the reaction mechanism. Raw materials, burning speed of self-spread and effect by temperature on preparation are studied. Reaction characteristics, self-spread appearance and microstructure are analyzed. The sample surface is observed, hardness and flexural strength are tested. Microstructure of SHS sample is observed by SEM.
Diamond compound materials with Ti2AlC binder is prepared by self-spread sintering technology. Intensive transition layer is formed between diamond and binder and thus guarantees good combination between diamond and matrix. Besides, it is found that c-BN compound materials can not be got after sintering of Ti-Al-C and c-BN, so TiC is the main binder.
III. Sino-crystal’s support on the working station
The company arranges and regulates the fund and facilities with enough expenses to guarantee the research project and welfare of the postdoctor.
Sino-crystal also cultivates professions with excellent working environment. Workers and postdoctors communicate for work arrangements, progress and results for the need of every demand. Individual ability is encouraged with award system. For outstanding achievements, postdoctors will be awarded.
IV. Contact:
24 Dongqing st, Zhengzhou High & New Technology Industries Development Zone, Zhengzhou, Henan
Zip Code:450001
Tel: 0371-63379564
E-mail: zhaoputao@126.com
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