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Zhengzhou Sino-Crystal Diamond Co., Ltd., established in 2004, specializes in research and development, manufacturing and marketing of synthetic diamond and related products as well facilities. Sino-Crystal insists on combining manufacturing, research and development together to innovate and finally acquires the core technology of synthetic diamond, related facilities and auxiliary materials, and gets independent intellectual property. Sino-Crystal owns national authorized labs and the detection capability gets authorization by CNAS; the detection data are widely accepted by 170 nations in the world. The company won scientific and technological progress awards of Zhengzhou city and Henan province. On February 14th 2012, Sino-Crystal won second prize of 2011 National Scientific and Technological Progress Award for the project of Development of Facilities and Technique for High Grade Diamond by Catalyst Method together with Zhongyuan University of Technology and Zhengzhou Research Institute for Abrasives & Grinding Co., Ltd.


With great support from society and other departments, the company got listed on March 26th 2010; the sock is “Yu Diamond”, stock code: 300064. It firstly issued stocks of 38 millions. By now, the company holds 608 millions in total.

Eternal Honesty for One Carat is the core value of the company and human resource is regarded as the most important for the development of the whole company. Synthetic diamond is a new industry with fast development and professional requirements. For years, the company has accumulated rich experiences on management, R&D, marketing and manufacturing etc. and cultivated many professions. The management teamwork is in the prime of life. They are professional and do well in management with strong learning attitudes and innovation awareness for stable work. The technological development teamwork covers a range of professions including powder metallurgy, inorganic nonmetal material and super hard material etc. the proper structure of knowledge, age and technical titles further strengthens the innovative technology teamwork. The marketing and service teamwork are professional with rich experiences and offer customers with devoted awareness. Strong human resources and excellent company culture accelerate the healthy, fast and sustainable development of the company.

In the future, Sino-Crystal will still focus on synthetic diamond meanwhile expand to the up-stream and down-stream of the industry. The company will try to find new business chances, improve the diamond industry chain, utilize advantages of the company, strengthen the big crystal of diamond, string saw and micro powder, enhance competence of the company and finally realized the goal of “To be the important base of synthetic diamond as a company of facility-auxiliary material-synthetic diamond products-related products”.

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